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We understand your desire to have your own brand. We will assist and support you from the start to the end. So you will be the proud owner of your brand

Who We Are

We are the best OEM manufacturer in Malaysia in producing safe, quality and effective products at affordable price. We use advanced Science and Technology in producing your products.
We offer one stop centre for producing your brand: We design, formulate, develop, manufacture your brand and also register your brand with The Malaysian Health Ministry and Halal Jakim
We customise your brand as your requirements and also offer assistance and support with our 30 years experiences. You can be assured of your quality. Our factory is GMP and Halal Jakim certified.

Best OEM Manufacturer in Malaysia

You have come to the right factory to do your brand. We care for your brand and your success.
We support and advise you on the look and feel of the product, design, packaging, registration with the regulatory, so you brand will be a success.
We use the best and latest ingredients from international researchers and manufacturer to design, formulate and make your product.
Our friendly and experienced staff will guide you along the process and support you in making the best decision in making your product.

Your OEM Products


We make your brand

Safe, effective and affordable. Our factory is GMP & Halal certified