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Dr Nabisar

PhD Cambridge University
The Chief scientific/technical Officer
Dr Nabisar is a leading scientist in the field of biotechnology. Dr Nabisar have 30 years experiences in the field of science and technology management. She specialises in healthcare, diagnostic, botanical drugs, industrial biotechnology and formulation. Her local and international experiences are from leading research institution such as Cambridge University, Cornell University, Institute of Max Planck, Imperial College London and others.
She came back home to help build Malaysia to a healthier, wealthier and a happier society. She believes in sharing wealth, knowledge and togetherness (community) in building a society.
Dr Nabisar shares her vast knowledge in product design and formulation in medical devices, medical drugs, food and health supplements, green technology and other advance technology with fellow Malaysians for a better Malaysia.
Dr Nabisar OEM manufacturer

White label manufacture

White label is our forte. We understand your requirements because of our 30 years experiences in this field. We take pride in creating, designing, formulating and producing your brand for the market entry. We use the best know how to produce your brand.
We support you throughout the process and make it easy for you to develop your brand. We make sure your product is SAFE, EFFECTIVE, QUALITY, HALAL and APPROVED by The Health Ministry of Malaysia.
At Cambridge Biotek we follow international standard of manufacturing. We are fully equipped GMP factory with all the equipment and machinery required for a smooth and efficient production. We subject our products during production stage to various test, and only when it confirms to the required high standard, we pack the products. We take pride in having products delivered on time.
Our production is carried out in GMP certified factory where stringent GMP guidelines is followed strictly. We are routinely audited by The Malaysia Health Ministry of Malaysia and Halal jakim.Our factory is GMP and HALAL JAKIM certified.



Verified white label manufacturer by The Health Ministry of Malaysia

We believe in a safe, effective, quality and affordable products for your brand. We don’t cut corners because this will compromise the effectiveness, safety and quality of the products. We strictly adhere to international standard because we believe in “The standard I set for my self is also the standard I should provide you in maintaining health, wellness and beauty”
We don’t take lightly matters regarding the safe of the products because health is wealth and no one should compromise this. Please verify our status as manufacturer with the health ministry of Malaysia because we believe and want to offer the best products to our customers.

You can select your OEM product from any of this white label product categories

1. Skincare and beauty product – Specialised skincare, sensitive skin, whitening and anti aging products, spray and mineral mist etc
2. Toiletries such as shampoo, hair tonic, feminine wash, body wash etc
3. Food supplements – wellbeing & maintaining health, chewable Vitamin C, chewable fruits etc
4. Health supplements – for enhance eye vision, to boost immunity, Energy enhancer etc
5. Plant medicine – woundcare, psoriasis, anti-itch cream, ant- inflammation cream, relieve sinusitis, blood circulation, gum pain etc
6. ‘Makjun’ and other traditional dosage

White label food supplement

Food supplement is an easy food and it is important for the wellness and maintaining good health. However due to modern living, we have forgotten or unable to provide quality food for ourselves
These type of foodsupplements will help you tremendously to boast your immune system, keep you healthy, prevent you from falling sick, and healthy. Once you are healthy, you can work better and feel much happier.
We use high grade food ingredients to make food supplement for you. We naturally produce prebiotic and probiotic also for a healthier and happier you. Our multi supplement food also prevents you from falling ill from time to time by continuallyenhancing your immune system.

White label botanical drug

Botanical drug development from tropical jungle is our forte. We have developed 28 different type of botanical drugs, some at general claims and others heading for higher claims through preclinical and clinical studies. The botanical drugs are carefully selected and isolated from ocean, mountains and rain forest. We have design, formulated, manufacture and produced finished innovative products from these Bio-compounds. We are one of the pioneers in this field”
In our quest to provide the best of Mother Nature to fellow users of health and beauty product and services, we have utilized the latest in house discoveries and innovations for maximum user satisfaction. We have enhanced and innovated the whole value chain from raw material to finished products. We have discovered new methods of isolation, extraction, process enhancement and commercialization
We at Cambridge Biotek Sdn Bhd know the important of the right biocompounds for healing. The different plant parts produce different bioactives and they have different functions. Plant and herbs can provide healing bioactive molecules and if not selected properly it can be detrimental to health. Therefore we carefully identify from which plant part we extract these bioactives. We test them vigourously for safety and effectiveness before incorporating them in our formulation. We incorporate these bioactives to form a homogenous network in our foumulation in producing high quality, effective natural products for end user consumption.

White label health supplement

We discovery special properties of plant including natural occurring minerals in making health supplement. It is very good in protecting and maintaining your health. These vitamins and minerals although produced from plants, there is certain processing method we have to adhere to, so the finished product is of beneficial quality to your body.

Makjun and other traditional dosage

We have the inhouse know how and technology to further develop and produce modern day makjun for your brand. We take pride in providing makjun and other traditional base dosage with special analysis and convert this data and information to a special product which benefits your customer in maintaining the wellness and wellbeing

White label health supplement manufacturer in Malaysia

We discovery special properties of plant including natural occurring minerals in making health supplement. It is very good in protecting and maintaining your health

White label Makjun and other traditional dosage manufacturer in Malaysia

Cambridge Biotek Sdn Bhd take pride in being one of the Top OEM Skin Care and Beauty Product Manufacturers in Malaysia. Talk to us today and collaboratively we can work together in all your custom product solutions. We are always ready to serve you to ensure the best quality products for everyone.