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We share with you our latest development in the skincare base and creams which are non-greasy, tacky, oily or heavy feeling. We use advanced NABTECH technology in producing the base cream. It is an excellent base to incorporate vitamins, minerals and plant bio-actives.We can incorporate some many different bio molecules into this cream which is beneficial and unique for your customers without compromising the consistency and stability of the base.
It is a fast skin penetration water base cream which delivers advance nutritional molecules into your skin. We can incorporate vitamins and minerals such as Vit C and Vit D and others

One stop centre for white label manufacturing

Our white label manufacturing is made specifically to produce your product brand on time and not burdening you with these matters. Therefore, you could concentrate in opening up and expanding your market. We provide the following assistance and support:
  • Product research
  • Product Formulation & Development
  • Product Testing& sampling
  • Product Filling & Packing
  • Internal and external Packing Material Sourcing
  • Design packaging materials
  • Product Registration with regulators
  • Bioactive evaluation
  • Extended test and examination

Product registration with Regulators

We will assist you to register your brand with The Malaysian Health Ministry and Halal Jakim.
If you are making supplements or botanical drug OEM, which requires extra documentation work, we will help you to prepare the documentation and submit on your behalf for approval.
Due to our many years of experiences in product registration, we will assist you to make this process Easy.